Robotics beyond labour

Robotic construction will be the new reality as third world labour appreciates in value. Faster smarter and endlessly customizable, machines are about to do to the construction industry what computers did to the abacus.

I’ve been following this potential for a little while now, and I’m ready to commit my first plunge. I live in a city known for its terra cotta roves, clay brick walls and endless sun. The humble brick has fallen out of vogue with many of today’s hip and happening set of home buyers and renovators as they all flock seemingly separately yet all intentionally towards the same blandness that banished it in the first lace.

A lack of imagination and a lack of will on the part of our city makers to care about our citizens, gave rise to the 70s red brick flats. An uninspired tag for an uninspired product. So we blamed the brick, and in doing so, we avoided owning the responsibility of our doing. Our second failing. Now we think if it is rendered and painted its not brick. It must be good. No. We are still in the same place. A lack of imagination, a lack of care for the citizen. And do I think a planning green paper will help?

Let me return to the start of this blog.

I propose to sculpt a house of brick. This commitment to art, will I hope start the pursuit to robotic assembly much faster.

For a sneak preview, look at these guys: ROB TECHNOLOGIES


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