Buildings Battle to keep pace with Technology

Today’s frontier is defined by big data. It is as everywhere as new technology. No wonder then, that convergence should naturally appear in areas that have pined for greater use of knowledge for decades.

I found this article on theFifthEstate. –

Green Building Sparks Battle for the Built Environment – Forbes.

Developing a singular operating system for a building is as natural as having one engine in a car, not 4 horses.

So I’m excited to see the promise of an 18% saving in consumption thats implied here, and yet that leaves me frightful of the base line performance they calculate from. If that be true, we remain living with a plethora of structures ripe for re-invention, and that, is our challenge, not the new.

I do not think we want to see the same throw away habits of pursueing newer technologies, be applied to our old and inefficient buildings. The new cities of China, India and the Middle East, are in one sense, the results of a new economy, of new efficiencies, leaving behind the 20th century experiments.

Join me, as I start the search for adaptive technologies to renew our existing cities. Please send any ideas you have.

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